My Projects

[T] Honeypot farm - online reports
It is my small honeypot farm and reports of attacks
[T] Boot2Root
Hack the server and get full access to root, if you can
[I] Series of security trainings
Trainings about pentesting web application - basic level.
[I] PBDump (Pastbin Dump)
The script to dump sensitive information from websites similar to pastebin, like passwords, logins, API, AWS/GIT config etc.
[I] FFT (File Forensic Tool)
The script to print and/or clear in terms of security metadata for example: author, company, path to resources, names etc. for office files like: xlsx/docx/ods/odt, pdf, png, jpg.
[I] WAC (Web Audit Cookie)
The program (scanner) to check response headers, cookie flags (for example: X-XSS-Protection, X-Frame-Options, HttpOnly and more...) on the website, with security recommendations.
[I] PToolkit (Pentester toolkit)
This is toolkit for pentester contains a few useful scripts like: html fuzzer, cookie scanner, ssl cipher scanner and more tools. All scripts written in bash shell.
[I] CEH - prepare test
Bash script to help you learn and improve knowledge in the area of security, audit, procedures, policy. Select key features: random questions, feedback: correct, not correct answer, reference, add a new question/answer and more
[I] VFIIH - virtual appliance
Security project including firewall, IDP/IDS and honeypot in box (virtual appliance) on my laptop.
[I] Ebook about web-attacks
A book about the most important web attacks like: SQLi, Directory traversal, session poisoning, XSS etc. with examples and how to protect your website. Ebook in polish.
[I] Hackme - Vulnerable_page
Download VM | md5/sha1 hash
Virtual machine with vulnerable website including such as vulnerability like: SQLi, Blind SQLi, Directory traversal, poison null byte, session poisoning, XSS, etc...
Your goal is hack the website
[I] LPE - Linux Privilege Escalation
Tool to aggregate information about Linux like: network config, running services, list SUID, SGUID, logs, etc.
It can be useful when you need get more important info about OS, but you don't have a lot of time.
[I] Security Lab for PenTest
Download VM | md5/sha1 hash
Virtual machine (VHD) with vulnerability websites like: DVWA, Bricks, Mutillidae, bWAPP, Peruggia and more interesting stuff to learn ethical hacking in one place.
[I] Multi Decode
Multidecoder (Encode/Decode URL, Base64, MD5, ASCII etc.)
[I] My scripts
Useful scripts for sys/sec administrator | | | | | | | | |
Co-founder, author of articles|presentations about Linux|Security, project|people management, server administration.